Become a Patron Member

Patron membership is available as the Rolls Royce of memberships at Weyborne.


Patron members will be limited to just 50 members so they each get the wine equivalent of one row of vines, from the original vineyard now exclusive for Patrons, renamed the Patron block which has just 50 rows of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The wine from the Patrons block will be for Patrons only. Patrons will also have the opportunity to have their name at the end of one row of vines, their vines as well as bespoke labelling options.

Members only access

Patrons will also get exclusive members access to the Weyborne Estate secret areas such as the Bathing House and Dovecote for private entertaining.

Special Lunches

Patrons will be welcomed to the vineyard with special lunches with owner Nick Clarke in the Weyborne House with its great history, features and beauty.

Helicopter Journey

Weyborne will also invite Patrons the opportunity to a return flight to the estate via helicopter from London for up to 4 passengers.

Exclusive Events

Patron members will also receive invites to other key Estate events throughout the year.
It goes without saying that our Patrons will of course receive a regular supply of Weyborne’s Family Reserve (retail £55), 36 bottles per annum and a summer hamper from our finest food partners to kickstart the Sussex season in style.

£9,950 per annum