Nick Clarke

Nick has been passionate about Geology all his life. It was from this background that he came to understand the unique “Terroir” of the Weyborne estate. He felt compelled to start his vocation to prove he could deliver the finest sparkling wine in the world. Nick has built a number of business in the Energy space which include building the largest UK independent marketer of Natural Gas and helping to build the first wind farm in China. Nick’s last mission in Energy is to help the nuclear renaissance decarbonise the world.

Benjamin Abric


Benjamin grew up in the vineyards of southern France. Having spent recent years managing mining and logistics projects in central Africa, he has decided to return to his roots and his passion for vineyards and joined Weyborne as General Manager in 2022. Benjamin’s passion for wine is second to none, having started his apprenticeship in his family vineyard in his early teens, he completed a degree in viticulture and oenology, and has since successfully managed vineyards and production across France and the USA.

William Sharpley


On hearing about the beauty of the Weyborne vineyard, William had to try it for himself – and the rest, as they say, is history! He joined the wine trade 39 years ago, in Paris, as a teenager! Since then has many experiences of selling and marketing wines from all over the world – and in particular Champagne. Passionate about sharing good wine with great people. Since arriving at Weyborne, in March 2024, he is most excited about the feedback we get on the quality of The Weyborne Family Reserve.

Fin Corbett


Fin grew up on the South Coast and discovered a passion for Polo during sixth form at school; conveniently nestled in the South Downs, close to the polo fields. Summer holidays spent with his grandparents on the Isle of Mull has helped fuel his passion for working outdoors and his love of nature. He is a passionate member of staff, committed to achieving the highest quality grape production and is always looking at ways to take things to the next level. As a young man and the future of the English wine industry, he is excited to be part of the Weyborne journey.