South Downs Sparkling Wine

Uniquely located at the highest point of the South Downs National Park, the Weyborne Estate affords breath taking views of a quintessentially English landscape. Green pastures, undulating hills and lush valleys stretch as far as the eye can see into the distant horizon. It is here that the river Wey begins its journey; spring waters emerge from an ancient aquifer at the northern end of the estate, meandering through and bringing life to our gardens and vineyards.

We are proud to announce that Weyborne Estate is one of The Real Review Top Wineries of Great Britain 2023!

“You came and look’d and saw the view, long known and loved by me, green Sussex fading into blue with just a touch of sea”


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Our Heritage

Exclusive, imposing, authentic. Weyborne’s rich history, natural beauty and geology combine a very special set of ingredients that will continue a remarkable legacy.

Our Team

Weyborne’s team is an international blend of entrepreneurship and agriculture. The team combine the right mix of ambition, experience, and youthful exuberance to realise Weyborne’s exciting potential.

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Enjoy the essence of Weyborne’s terroir with a glass or bottle of the latest release of the Family Reserve, Weyborne’s flagship cuvée.



Membership offers you the chance to be part of the Weyborne story, historic estate, beautiful location and world class sparkling wine. Membership gives you an efficient way to enjoy a regular supply of Weyborne’s Family Reserve as well as the opportunity to enjoy the wine in situ at a very special and exclusive private home that non members won’t have access to. There are two types of membership, the Patron Membership and the Temple of the Winds Membership, depending upon your level of involvement, budget and appetite for enjoyment.