At a very privileged and unique vantage point at the highest point of the Southdowns National Park resides Weyborne Estate, with breathtaking views of the South of England. As Blackdown Park, this was a historic home since Saxon times for generations of the Yaldwyn family with notable guests including kings, statesmen and famous poets. 

Since the turn of the century, the custodianship transferred to geologist Mr Nick Clarke. Mr Clarke discovered that Blackdown is the source as a spring of the River Wey which flows directly into the bathing pool above the manor house. The Wey is born, in 2004 Weyborne Estate is born.

With imposing south facing slopes underneath Blackdown, maximising sunlight and drainage – the future direction of Weyborne was set. To create a vineyard which would outperform climate change due to its elevation and craft, very limited World Class sparkling wine to showcase the essence of a very special terroir and sense of place that exists.

The next chapter awaits as we capture the rewards of patience.